Hammock hotel

Hammock hotel - a comfortable nature adventure

Havrevretens Hammock hotel is an outdoor hotel in scenic Sörmland.
A completely new concept that lifts nature tourism to higher altitudes and creates new dimensions of the popular glamor campsite, so-called glamping.

Here you book a hammock and sleep outdoors in the open air.
The idea is that you should get close to nature and breathe country air but avoid planning, carrying and fixing.
An adventure filled with pleasure!

The Hammock hotel is equipped with






You also have access to





  • The price includes a hammock, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, towel – and flashlight.
  • The hammocks are set up in the woods when you check in and you go to your “forest room”.

Food and drinks

  • In the barn there is serving of both food and drink.
  • In the evening, a dinner buffet is served.
  • In the morning there is a breakfast buffet waiting for you.


  • Access to toilet is in the barn about 150 m from the hammocks.
  • Access to outdoor shower by the forest sauna.

Book your stay

The booking of hammocks is open – but the hammock hotel itself opens

Saturday, June 11th.

Price per person is SEK 1,050 / night.

The price includes sleeping equipment, food and sauna.