The adventure can begin!

We collaborate with experienced and skilled guides who will give you a special experience during your stay here.

The activities are booked in advance before your arrival. You will receive confirmation via email and information about payment.

At our glamping you always have free access to






Included in the accommodation at the glamping and hammock hotel

Booked on site.

Glamping guests have access to the lake sauna.

Hammock guests have access to the forest sauna with outdoor shower



Included in accommodation at the glamping

We have a rowing boat, two one-man kayaks, a canoe and three SUPs that you can borrow when you stay at the glamping.

You book the boats in the booking schedule located in the mailbox by the toilet cart at the glamping site.



Included in accommodation at the glamping

We have some simpler men’s and women’s bikes that you can borrow when you stay at the glamping.

You book in the booking schedule located in the mailbox by the toilet cart at the glamping site.


Calm for two

SEK 1,700 for two people

75 min treatment: massage and foot bath.

Book in advance. Time by appointment.

This incredibly relaxing treatment is booked for two. While one person gets a massage for 25 minutes, your partner / friend can take a foot bath with sea salt and herbs. You perform the foot bath yourself with soap and foot file and ends the session with a foot cream made by our herbal therapist. Then you swap places with each other. Beneficial tea and fruit are served.


SEK 900–1,000

45/60 min treatment

Book in advance. Time by appointment.

Deep muscle massage after a day on the Sörmlandsleden? Or an calming treatment for complete relaxation? You choose.

Beneficial tea and fruit are served.

Herbal hiking

SEK 950 (max 8 people)

1 hour walk

Time by appointment. Book in advance.

Do you want to join an inspiring medicinal herbal walk among forest and meadows? An herbal therapist shows what we can make with the herbs now and tell you about what we made with them before. You will also learn what is good to have in your home pharmacy.

Forest bath

SEK 950 (2-5 people)

60 minutes

For more participants than 5 people ask for price information.

Time by appointment.

Forest bath is about very slow hiking in the forest with a guide. We walk together in silence in the presence of ourselves and each other and the nature. You get a soft guide and time for your own reflection and experience.

Bring warm clothes and something to sit on to keep you warm when you sit still. Rain jacket in unstable weather. In very bad weather the event can be canceled.


At least 2 people

SEK 1,150 / adult, SEK 400 children (up to 12 years)

3 hours activity from 12.00-15.00

Bushcraft is a centuries-old method of living by and with nature. Disconnect from mobile phones and reconnect to nature and your past.

You get to try making fire, how to handle an ax and a knife safely and how to carve with a few different grips. We talk about how to protect yourself from the weather and wind and discuss useful, edible plants and how to find and purify water.

We walk a few kilometers, but mostly we sit around the fire and talk and work with our hands.

 Lunch by the campfire.

No previous knowledge is required and no special equipment is needed. But you need to think about what garment to bring according to the weather.

Personal training / duo training

SEK 1,000 / ISK 1,700

60 minutes

We train outdoors with different tools and of course what nature has to offer.

State wishes and give information about injuries / restrictions so that the training can be adapted to your conditions.

Haiking Sörmlandsleden


The Sörmland trail passes down by the lake not far from the glamping. The trail is one of Sweden’s longest nature and cultural hiking trails with its 1,000 km that runs around the whole of Sörmland all the way up to Stockholm.

Stage 54 passes us and is marked with orange rings around trees and poles, signs with the text SÖRMLANDSLEDEN and S-arrows.